How to Save One Page of a PDF

In today's digitalized world, PDFs are the way to move forward. All of our essential documents, forms, files and so on are PDFs and therefore it is quite important to know your way around editing a PDF.

One important thing to know is how to save a single page of a PDF at a time. Sometimes for certain tasks you need to exclude a particular page from a PDF to edit separately or to print or send. If you are confused about how to go about doing that, don't worry, this article will have you covered.

How to Save One Page of a PDF Online for Free?

Before moving on to the actual details of the procedure, let's introduce you to CocoDoc. For those of you who don't know, CocoDoc is a great platform for all your PDFediting needs.

Containing an easy-to-use interface and reliable protection via passwords for your entire file and complete security, CocoDoc helps you work safely and efficiently.

In order to save one particular page of your PDF, follow the mentioned steps:

    1. Go to CocoDoc in your browser
    2. Select the option for 'Split PDF'
    3. Select the 'Choose File' option and pick the file you would like to be edited. Alternatively, you could also drag and drop it directly.
    4. Once uploaded, you have options to either 'Extract every page into a PDF' or 'Extract pages from PDF'. Choose the one you would like depending on your need
    5. Once the page is selected, click on 'Split PDF' and the process will start
    6. Download the PDF and save it on your device and you're done.

How to Save Only One Page of a PDF on Windows?

For all of you Windows fans out there, the software which is the ever-reliant and helpful one on Windows is Adobe Acrobat which you all must have heard about.

It is one of the most widely used software in the world and also has multiple variants to suit everyone. Adobe will help you do anything you could ever want to do with a PDF.

To learn how to extract a single page of a PDF on Adobe Acrobat DC, go through the following steps:

    1. Open Adobe Acrobat DC and select the 'Organise Pages' Tool.
    2. Click the 'Select A File' button and pick the PDF file that you would want to use.
    3. Once it is open, go to the top menu and click on the 'Extract' option.
    4. You will now get an option to highlight the page(s) you want to extract and save separately so choose.
    5. Then click on 'Extract' to obtain the highlighted pages.
    6. You are now free to save the extracted page(s) wherever you like.

How to Save Just One Page of a PDF on Mac?

If you use a Mac for your official work and prefer Apple, there is another way in which you may edit your PDF files. You would have definitely heard of "Preview".

Preview is the built-in software in macs that can cater to all of your PDF needs. It can be used to edit, annotate, convert, combine and even encrypt any and all types of PDF files and documents. It is very user-friendly and definitely makes working a lot easier.

To learn how to save one page of you PDF via preview, see the following steps:

    1. Go to your Preview app and open the file in it.
    2. Click on 'File'.
    3. Click on 'Print'.
    4. Using the range bar provided, choose the page you would like to save.
    5. Click on 'PDF' and then 'Save as PDF'.
    6. Choose the location you would like to save the file to and then click 'Save'.

How to Save Just One Page of a PDF via Chrome?

Some of you however would still prefer not to use a separate app or software altogether for saving a page from a PDF. Especially if you are viewing a PDF online on chrome. In that case, there is a wonderful Chrome Extension that can help you do just that. This fast and very helpful extension is known as AltoExtractPDF which is a completely free tool

To learn how to use it to save a page from your PDF by following these steps:

    1. Click the AltoExtract icon which will be in the bar towards the top right of your Chrome browser window.
    2. Click on 'Choose a File' to select a file to use from your device. You also have the option to upload a file directly from google drive on this.
    3. Select the page or pages you would like to extract and click 'Extract".
    4. Once done, download the new document and save it on your device.


So now you have been provided with a bunch of options to help you separate and save specific pages from your PDF files. Hope at least one of these applied to you and you would now be able to perfectly extract pages from your PDF files.